Health care awareness project on the camps - Part 1


Rebaz Foundation will implement a new project during the year 2017, the program is in the context of health education for displaced people living in the refugee camps at Sulaymanyah. The program is in coordination with the Directorate General of Health in Sulaymaniyah (Health Protection Agency) And the project will be done in two phases: in the first stage Rebaz Foundation will prepare and print 25,000 awareness brochures in the form of leaflets on the prevention of influenza disease, poisoning as a result of drinking kerosene by children, burns, and Leishmaniasis. In the second phase of the project the health protection directorate with Rebaz Foundation will distribute the leaflets on the camp residents. The aim of the program is to reduce incidents of unwanted and unfortunate situations that occur in the tents, and through outreach and ways to prevent and instructions on the correct actions to be taken during accidents.