A Project for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October

As we are still in October; Breast Cancer Awareness month, Rebaz Foundation implements a project to raise awareness regarding breast cancer. The activities included: 1. A seminar was given at the Cambridge International School by Dr. Chinar Sinjawi. At the end of the seminar, teachers and parents were screened. 
2. Upon the request of Altun Mosque in Altun City Rebaz Foundation organized a seminar about breast cancer awareness for the women in the neighborhood. The lecture was given by Dr. Chinar Sinjawi. At the end of the seminar some presents were distributed. 
3. Rebaz Foundation provided Mammography Films for the centre of breast diseases in Erbil so the center resumes their work and promised to support the centre every month. In return, the center formally thanked Rebaz Foundation. in a formal letter.