"Women's Dream" project at 'Women and Maternity hospital of Sulaimani'

On 11/8/2021, in the presence of General Coordinator of Rebaz Foundation, General and deputy General Director of general directory of health in Suleimani, and Manger of Women and maternity hospital in Suleimani, Rebaz Foundation lunched the project of “Women’s Dream” with the purpose of guiding and helping women during pregnancy period.
The project of “Women’s dream” has continued in the last three months, with the purpose of psychological and social guidance to the pregnant women as well as providing essential needs to the new born and the mother. Rebaz Foundation provided trained staff and social researcher to guide and help pregnant women in the hospital of “Women and Maternity in Suleimani”.
It is worthy to mention that “Women and maternity hospital” is one of the crowded hospitals in Suleimani and is short in supplies.
 Rebaz Foundation considers it as their responsibility to support this hospital. Moreover, by implementing this project Rebaz Foundation helps people in need to a great extent to ease the burden on of both the hospital and health sector, and it is decided that this project continues in the future.