Cinque Terre

Darbaz Kosrat Rasul
Chair of Rebaz Foundation

Rebaz Foundation is a Kurdish non-governmental, independent, non-profit charitable organization which works for increasing public and civic benefits by promoting Health, education and civic resources in Kurdistan region. The aim is bringing about an auspicious civil society by implementing such kinds of projects which will raise education and science level of individuals to enhance the living conditions of individuals in the community. Rebaz Foundation is established in 2007 in the United Kingdom by a group of young concerned activists. The foundation was established on 24/03/2007 and started working on 1/12/2007. As a Kurdish organization, Rebaz foundation was able to work on the level of an international organization, while the foundation is registered by general directorate of non-governmental organizations/KRG. The Foundation is managed through 5 elected board of trustees working voluntarily.