Our Vision is establishing a modern and developed society in Kurdistan through enhancing the sectors of health, education, science and technology. 

Our Mision is to :

  • Promoting Health and Education as well as Civic Resources in kurdistan/Iraq.
  • Empowering young citizens to become engaged in civic participation
  • Assisting Kurdish students in attaining contemporary education.
  • Supporting students in the establishment of grass root forums.
  • Supporting young people to be key actors in nurturing a value system in their societies where it respects human rights and dignity of all people
  • Raising awareness in people's natural capacities and bringing in expertise to draw own their capacities.
  • The Movement of health sectors through training, as well as providing advanced equipment.
  • Creating opportunities for education fields not in existence in Kurdistan region.
  • Raising awareness on Humanitarian issues such as human right, women right, gender equality, peace and emancipation.